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The Moons of Saturn

A dialogue in word and image, The Moons of Saturn monograph is a collaboration between photo-based artist Frank Rodick and writer Nancy Brokaw.

I’ve been following—and writing about—Frank’s work for 20 years now. His imagery is always provocative and always deeply felt.

With The Moons of Saturn series, he’s turned his uncompromising eye to the human condition in the time of COVID. In my commentary, I explore both the intellectual roots of the images and their impact on me personally. 

We have worked with a designer to create a 32-page monograph and secured a distribution partnership with The Photo Review. All we need are the funds to cover printing and mailing.  

We’ve just put up a GoFundMe campaign here, which has a variety of giving levels with corresponding perks. To help us, you can…

·       Give: go to the campaign page and make a donation

·       Share: go to our campaign page and share with your friends and colleagues and post it on social media

·       Do both

We’d really appreciate your help in making this project happen. If you have questions, you can reach me at

Many, many thanks for your time and consideration,

Nancy Brokaw

The Moons of Saturn: Welcome
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